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The "Three Minutes of Fame" offers your hotel the last and ultimate possibility to promote and present your hotel to the outside world. Make a statement to the outer world where your hotel stands for, and make it a memorable event! So be creative, and think on your company strategic goals during your “Three Minutes”. As you know, you only have a maximum of three minutes to make this unforgettable impression.…
Be sure, again, to divide your tasks so to have all ready at the deadline.

Aiming at?

The audience for your “Three Minutes” could be:

  • your target groups,
  • coaches,
  • interested by-passers,
  • competitors (other teams),
  • maybe press relations,

Maybe not all will be present at your session, but that's hard to tell in advance. But you decide what you will communicate and what the goal is of your presentation.


You do all of this live; in front of an audience (see above). The way of presenting is free; you can do whatever you like but keep an eye on your strategy. For this purpose, you can (for example) perform a live-act, make a video, perform/produce a commercial supported by PowerPoint or music, or whatever suits your needs and fits with the image of your hotel (and is in line with your strategy). Be creative and innovative! Just showing a video is not enough, there must be some live element added to video or soundfiles of whatever. You being there in person should somehow contribute to the presentation.

So, also digital promotion (max. 3 min) is acceptable (Prezi, PowerPoint, video, music). If you make a “digital” product for the Three Minutes, you are asked to upload it on YouTube and link it to your team page. The “Three Minutes Event” begins according to your schedule. We expect all of the teams and all of the members to be in during all of the presentations. Be sure to have everything prepared and ready to take the stage. Have your video or presentation online, or (not so handy) bring your own laptop. We want to have a little time between the teams so be sure to be able to take the stand in one minute.


There is a voting directly after the presentations: you’ll receive a voting form for this purpose. After all the teams have done their Three Minutes, any team has two teamvotes to give. For the coach goes the same; two votes to give.


Here some photos of the 3 minutes of last year

16EE  f3 minutes of fame Emerald Forest Hotel


Doing this well:

  • has major influence on your marks in this year
  • extra bonus for winning teams:

The bonus is as follows:

  • The team which gets the most votes wins and receives € 100,000 bonus in each city;
  • The team which is number two gets € 75,000 bonus in each city;
  • The team which is number three gets € 50,000 bonus in each city.

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