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Your plans with the Hotel part two

You will have to take a lot of important decisions in this year 0: well before you start an operational year. You already made important strategic choices, you now continue doing so. Again, all the choices are strategic as well, so not changeable in the short run.


You just took over the management of the hotel. You already made a number of decisions on a name, strategy and target groups. In this part you are going to visualize a few of these things. Especially the logo, your management team picture and slogan.


Visualize your strategy in a consistent way in a logo, you management team picture and slogan.

Tasks, deliverable

See your Team document, tab Year 0 (Strategic choices). Fill out the section Team picture, a brand-new logo and a slogan.

Team File Emerald Forest Hotel creativity 01.jpg

With mouse-overs in the cell in column B (black triangles) you will find more information.

  • Think of an appropriate Team picture. Make the link to your strategy, so be sure the way you present your team matches the image and the chosen strategy of your hotel.
  • New hotel logo: this should reflect your strategy as well: does it tell what you are doing, your image? Is it recognizable? Explain why you chose this logo in a few lines. Be sure, again, to use marketing and communication concepts. And think of IP-Copyright: you can't just 'steal' things.
  • Think of a new slogan. Explain why you chose this slogan in a few lines. Be sure, again, to use marketing and communication concepts. The slogan should be usable without the logo (as well). Again, keep IP-Copyright in mind.

Assessed elements

  • Did you perform all outlined above?
  • Are things well-argued?
  • Is it creative, original?
  • Is all in line with the strategic choices made?
  • Is copyright taken into account?

Handing in

You work in the cloud: no need to save or hand-in. Just be sure your work is ready, well before the deadline.

Additional information

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