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In this game you can trace a lot of things yourself. All of the changes in the game and on the pages on this site are recorded and the history will be saved. This also goes for pictures. Keep this in mind when posting. This site is a means of supporting the management game and therefore just another vehicle to bring you the right information. Your behavior in the game will be monitored and saved. In fact this is the case on almost any website you visit, but you don't generally notice it.


To make the entire platform recognizable we have build it in the same software as Wikipedia is built. It maybe not the most fancy way of presenting, but this kind of platforms are table, the navigation is logical and recognizable.


This platform is part of a much bigger project: the Management game Emerald Forest Hotel. The project is used in commercials settings as a training program for company's and forms part of academic courses in a number of institutes all over the world. Anything you write can and will be used in other training sessions and program: just keep that in mind. So, it is important that you use only photo’s and pictures that are free from copyrights! We also advise you not to put too much private information on this site as it will stay on this site for all of eternity. Of course, in playing the game, you play a role, and in this role you have to present your team etc: we see no problem in that.
Of course we respects the privacy of all users of this website and ensures that personal information provided to us not directly related to the content of the game, will be treated confidentially and in conformity with Dutch Privacy Law (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).


We tested working with the game and this platform for two years, and we found out them to be stable and fun. The management game gives you the opportunity to work in a modern way, to be creative and to learn from others. And, it's flexible. We hope you will enjoy it! Remember: things like this are never 'ready' we are upgrading and changing all the time.

Documents and pictures taken

As the entire game is very much into Web 2.0 and the visibility of things, pictures and movies will be made of teams, team members and individuals as part of the whole game. All of this will be used on this site, in presentations and in other things related to the Emerald Forest. By playing the game the participants accept this and refrain from any rights on these pictures and movies: see Disclaimer. This also goes for other documents made in relation to this game. Of course if anyone finds something published which he/she would like to be removed for good reasons, they should inform the game council who will will consider it seriously.

No more paper

As long as the internet connection is doing fine all can be done online: no need for prints to be made. But there are a number of 'live' activities that do require 'physical elements'. And it's up to the hotels to decide what will be available in real live: like prints, brochures or business cards.

The general public

Some parts of the Management game are only accessible to individual teams. But most of the material created by you will will be visible to anyone and will be indexed by search engines. Many of your postings are made on the internet on dump-sites like Flickr and YouTube. We do encourage this, but keep in mind that this material is accessible to the general public. Apart from this we also work with promo-material (printed, banners) etc. in which, by chance, material or photo's of your team might appear. If, for a good reason, you do not want this to happen, please contact us in time!


More info on this simulation can be found in:

Without login codes you can only see part of the platform and do not have editing rights.