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Before looking at this platform, you absolutely need to know some more things to get a good grip on the situation.

Basic pages to read

You can find the basic information by following the list of ten pages below. Please follow the ten pages/steps. Read the ten page below, all further links in these ten page are for later or when you need more information just in time (you might get lost in the hundreds of pages).

Introduction to the Hotel
Page Name Content
-01- Hotel objectives What are the goals of the Emerald Forest Hotel at this moment?
-02- Bergman family and the hotel Introduction on the family Bergman and the history of the hotel.
-03- Rooms What does the hotel look like, especially the rooms?
-04- Competition Whom is the hotel competing with?
-05- City Information on the city Emerald Forest is in.
-06- Customer Some more information on the customers and guests.
-07- Leisure targetgroup Special look at the weekends and guests.
-08- Business targetgroup Special look at the weekend days and guests.
-09- Operating review What do the financial numbers look like, at the moment you take over the hotel?
-10- Staff An overview of what staff has been employed last year.

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