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Under construction

Sorry, but this page is not complete yet. We are working on this platform all the time, and some of the total of 3,471 pages are not ready yet, as is this one...
Please have some patience. If you have any suggestions on improving the Management Game platform or the Game itself, please inform us!
Thanks for your understanding.

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Most important changes

  • Usability for participants and coaches
  • More attention to security of it all (back-ups, fire walls)
  • Upgraded lay-out Team File
  • Content Coach File, year 0
  • 'Zambaza' Test Coach Spread
  • New course for the coaches
  • More realistic content
  • More visuals and video Jill
  • We started a shop with assignments (link not public)
  • Lots of new Pages on the platform, small changes e.g.


The structure of the assignments is:

Schedule Year Entrepreneurship assignment Mark Creativity assignment Mark
Deadline ..... Year 0 Your new strategy, target groups e.g. demo .... Your new Logo,Team picture, website demo ....
Deadline ..... Year 1 10 Decisions and arguments demo .... Your choice 1 ....
Deadline ..... Year 2 10 Decisions and arguments demo .... Your choice 2 ....
Deadline ..... Year 3 10 Decisions and arguments demo .... Your choice 3 ....
Deadline ..... Year 4 10 Decisions and arguments demo .... Your choice 4 ....

This is the basic structure: both assignments in year 0 have to be made (maybe only a very small adaption to the content) to make the game run.
Each year (round) afterwards there is a repetitive assignment (10 decisions, only very small adjustments possible) and a assignment which is up to you. We have a shop where can can pick your assignments from.
The marks you get for each assignment, have a direct influence on the occupancy rate of your hotel. Regular feedback from your coach will support your team process. During the game, only the coaches have insights into your marks. At the end of the Game, the total of the marking will be published per team in their Team File

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